A safe haven (Election Post 1)

This is the first blog post in a series of posts about the election.

Nov. 9, and Donald Trump is our president.

Today I woke up at 4AM and saw the results of the election and I felt numb, and sad. A lot of questions were swirling around in my head as I, like many Americans, tried to make sense of what is happening, and what will happen.

As we know, this election was different for many reasons, and at my school, it was very hush-hush. It was hard to talk about with children because of the hatred brought out during this election. I did not do an election unit with my children this year, and while I sort of regret doing it, I am also glad I did not.

Today however, I had a mixture of reactions from the children about the election. Mind you, in third grade, students have a very limited scope about what issues are at stake. I had some students that were happy, and some that were sad. But what I cherished about this moment is that no one in my class felt like they couldn’t talk about it. One student who said he supported Trump was upset when another student was saying something about Trump, I called him over to talk to him about what was upsetting him, and we got the issue resolved in a safe way. In my classroom, everyone feels safe to voice their opinions, or their adult-influenced opinions. But they felt safe to have a voice. All of our students deserve a safe haven where their voice is heard and respected.


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