Sometimes we don’t see the fruits of our labor

In our perfect utopia classrooms all students are learning, making great progress, and there are no behavior issues! Anything that comes up in the classroom we take care of it and it never re-occurs.

The reality of teaching, of course, is far from this idea, but we as teachers should still strive to give our students the best even if we don’t see the benefits and fruits of our labor at the moment.

Last year I had a student who I would say was a difficult student. Each week there was a different battle to fight, but I never stop giving up on this child. They needed love and care and support to become a better person, and even though each day I hoped they would come back and be a changed person that never happened in my year with them. But I didn’t give up.

Fast forward a year, I found a note written by them telling me how much I meant to them and how much they enjoyed their year in my classroom. I shared this with their parent and they wrote me back saying how much better their child is doing because of how much I helped them last year, and their child has really turned a new page in life. I see this child on campus, and they are a different person. The hardships of last year were worth it because I know that student is on the path to success.

I am learning that sometimes, we won’t see the fruits of our labor. And even so, I will continue to plant seeds that I know will grow in these students so they will become successful individuals, ready for anything.


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